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Matthew Keen is currently a graduate student at San Francisco State University pursuing a Master's degree in Economics.

With a knack for data wrangling and policy outcome evaluation Matthew is looking for a nonprofit in need of a good economic or financial analyst.

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Analysis w/ R, Python-pandas, Stata, Matlab

Graphical Data Presentation

Data access through public API's

Data Management w/ SQL

Excel, Word, Powerpoint, LaTeX


Policy Analysis

Econometrics (Statistics) - Advanced theory and applied

Macroeconomics theory and modeling

Time series forecasting

Microeconomic theory - Industrial organization and urban

Health and international development

Asset pricing

Time series forecasting

Money and Banking

International Trade

Independent coursework modeling public policy effects on crime.


Matthew Keen


Matthew Keen

Economic and Financial Analyst


Focused, results oriented professional skilled at identifying solutions to complex, real world problems using economic theory and communicating this analysis in a clear, effective manner.

qualifications summary

  • Economics - Knowledge of micro and macro economic theory and empirical application. Knowledge of numerous policy and market analysis tools.
  • Forecasting - Applied forecasting of markets. Use of several models to forecast market and factor conditions, including ARMA, ARCH/GARCH, VAR, and some limited use of VECM.
  • Asset pricing - Primarily using stochastic neoclassical growth model in a theoretical context. Similar to the capital asset pricing model.
  • Economics - Knowledge of micro and macro economic theory and empirical application. Knowledge of numerous policy and market analytic tools. In depth research on international market interactions and goods pricing.
  • Research - Skilled in academic and applied business market research oriented towards data discovery, including market concentration research. Analysis of public policy impacts on markets.
  • Mathematics - Knowledge of statistics, calculus and linear algebra, primarily in an applied context.
  • Programming - Skilled in using a number of languages, primarily statistics oriented languages and in macroeconomic modeling.


San Francisco State University

Graduate Student in Economics

  • Masters program GPA of 4.0

Sonoma State University

Undergraduate Student in Economics

  • Graduated with a BA in economics with honors


San Francisco State University

Graduate Assistant - August 2015 to May 2016

  • Provide instruction to individual or small groups of students to improve academic performance and prepare for academic papers and tests.

Instructional Student Assistant - February 2015 to August 2015

  • Grading for undergraduate courses including Advanced Econometrics and Introductory Macroeconomics

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Classwork at San Francisco State University

Criminal conviction and incarceration: Impact on employment outcomes for former offenders (presentation)

Does Inequality Increase Crime? The Effect of Income Inequality on Crime Rates in California Counties with Wenbin Chen (presentation)

Forecasting United States federal employment changes with presidential and congressional majority party control (presentation)

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